Vegan Clay Mask

Try the ULTIMATE Vegan Clay Mask Today For Luxury and Relaxation!

The pursuit of perfect skin can feel as long and arduous as it does expensive. The beauty world has never been shy about introducing new products to the market, even though many of them are brimming with problematic preservatives and chemicals. For individuals with sensitive or distressed skin, finding a vegan clay mask that is effective without being harsh can be a challenge. Fortunately for you, our team at mia skin UK has your back. We are bringing you the perfect all-natural, Australian-made vegan clay mask for your benefit.

The Australian Botanical Pink Clay Mask is built upon a foundation of healing and soothing herbal powders. Among the active ingredients in our clay mask is Chamomile, Calendula, and Aloe Vera. Our pink clay mask is mixed into a natural powder before it is shipped to your household. Once arrived, merely add a drop of water or a small amount of toner to the powder to create a silky paste. Apply up to twice weekly for 10-20 minutes to enjoy maximum rejuvenating benefits. This clay mask is cruelty-free, 100% natural, and bereft of preservatives or problematic chemicals.

mia skin UK launched in the UK and Australia as a shared project between two sisters.  Handcrafted and made to leave an impression, the Australian Botanical Pink Clay Mask is specially designed to offer you the perfect vegan, cruelty-free, all-natural clay for face moisturizing and rejuvenation. We have designed our clay for face masks around sustainable and ethical sources so that you can shop with pride and comfort.

If you are ready to put your order in for the top vegan clay mask on the market, head to our shop, and press 'order' today! Both 90g and 28g comes with a free application brush.