Australian Pink Clay

Why is the Beauty World Talking About Australian Pink Clay?

Feeling better and looking better work together with the Botanical Australian Pink Clay Mask at mia skin UK. Developed with health and wellness in mind, our Botanical Pink Clay Mask comes with a free brush and a 90g package of beautifying Australian pink clay or a handy travel size of 28g, free brush included. This beautiful clay mask has been infused with the strongest and most effective healing herbal powders in the industry, including calendula, aloe vera, and chamomile. The aforementioned herbal remedies were all hand-selected thanks to their calming and soothing benefits for our skin.


To make the most out of your Australian Botanical Pink Clay Mask order, make sure to mix the powder into a lovely paste with just a splash of water. After the paste is complete, layer it on your skin for 15 - 20 minutes before gently rinsing the mask off. Use up to two times weekly for maximum healing herbal and skin-soothing benefits. Some users have used cucumber slices in conjunction with their pink clay mask to add another layer of moisturizing benefits!


mia skin UK was created in shared companionship among two sisters, one who lives in England while the other lives in Australia. Having fallen in love with high-quality face masks, mia skin was developed so that we could offer our version to the world. All of our skincare products are infused with healing herbal powders and are free from problematic preservatives, harsh chemicals, and animal products. We pride ourselves on offering ethical and sustainable products at an affordable price.


If you are ready to take the jump into Australian Botanical Pink Clay skincare products, now is the perfect time to order. All purchases of our 90g and 28g Botanical Pink Clay Mask come with a free brush and for easy application. Treat yourself right by selecting your skincare routine with the team at mia skin UK!