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My skin honestly feels so soft after rinsing off and not dry at all, which is how a lot of masks leave me feeling! I left it on for the full 20 minutes tonight (maybe a bit longer) and my skin feels so fresh! 

Highly recommend you try out this new little baby that's just launched! 



“I tried it - and I love it”




mia skin was created by two sisters separated by nearly 11,000 miles, one in the south of England, and one in Sydney, Australia. Both have a love of a good face mask, but wanted to find one that was not only 100% natural, but also 100% cruelty free, and 100% Vegan.  They looked to products in Australia and found a Pink Clay Mask

that is not only infused with healing herbal powders, free from preservatives but is also ethical and sustainable resourced.  

We hope you will love it too.

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